1998    Better building site of the year. Prize of Lisbon’s City Council to the best
           architecture and urban integration work.
            Oscar of excellence to the interior architecture and design.
            Atrium Saldanha. Lisbon: Offices, shopping center and public parking.
1997     Finalist << Equerre d'Argent >>. Le Moniteur. Paris
             PARIBAS Bank’s head office, Saint Honoré square. Paris.
1991     Ruban d’Argent du Ministère de l’Environement and Cadre de Vie. France.
             Motorway’s service area. “Aire des Volcans” in Clermont Ferrand. France (A-71).
1985     Silver medal to the innovation. Bâtiment 1985. Paris
             Procedure of coloration of the concrete by impregnation. Ramon Collado co-inventor and
             co-owner of the Patent.
1980     City of Barcelona.
              Restructuring of the old cement factory “SANSON” on the new Headquarters “TALLER DE ARQUITECTURA”.