27 Octobre 2005               Lecture in “Colegio Arquitectos de Aragón-Zaragoza”
                                       Organized by “Cátedra JG of UPC. Economy of energy –
                                       Double façade.
22 Juny 2005               Lecture in “Colegio Arquitectos de Malaga”
                                       Organizad by “Cátedra JG of UPC. Economy of energy –
                                       Double façade.
12 July 2004               Lecture in Industrial Engineer School of Barcelona
                                       Economy of Energy - Double facade.
25 October 2003               Concreta ´03 - EXPONOR - Feira Internacional do Porto.
                                       Seminary "Qualidade na Construção". PORTO (Portugal).
17 October 2003               “I Jornada de Física Aplicada en Arquitectura”
                                       "Transparency, quality, estanqueidad and energy saving. Double skin facades”. Science Faculty. Zaragoza.
22 March 2001              Sculpture Museum of Sao Paulo - MUBE. Brazil.
                                        Projects and achievements. Ramon Collado experience.
12 February 2001               BAU, Design School. Barcelona.
                                        Presentation of some works and projects:
                                        The different scales of the design: From the urban design to the design of objects.
14 November 2000        Paper in "Col·legi d'Aparelladors i Arquitectes Tecnics
                                        de Barcelona”.
                                        The prefabricated concrete in the architectural construction.
15 April 1999                      Construmat . Conventions Center of Barcelona.
                                       High technology light façade project. Organized by
September 1996               Conference about concrete in Cartagena de Indias. Colombia.
                                        Presentation of the works of Taller de Arquitectura:
                                        Experience in architectural concrete building.
                                        Organized by the Concrete Producers Colombian Association :
October 1988                  Lecture in the Moscow College Architects.
                                        About Taller de Arquitectura prefabricates experience.
November 1987             Participation in the seminary “L´habitat en Espagne” Paris. (CFCE).
                                        Organized by “Centre Français du Commerce Extérieur”
March 1987                     “Association des Ingénieurs des Villes de France” (I V F).
                                        Presentation of works of the Antigone district. Montpellier.
March 1986                     Continuous learning in « Ecole Nationale des Ponts et
                                        Chaussée. (E N P C).
                                        Architecture and prefabricated.
October 1984                  Presentation to the students of «Ecole Militaire du Génie». Versailles.
                                        Taller de Arquitectura Experience
November 1981             Inmersión opción Edificación 1981 - 23 students. ENPC
                                       Program organized by «Ministère de l´Urbanisme et du
                                        Architect and Engineers mission and objectives.
October 1981                  Course about "General systems of construction", to the ENPC students
                                       (Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussée):
                                        Presentation of works in Marne-la-Vallée.
September 1980               Participation as a member of jury of the end cycle thesis PROMOCA.
                                        Delivery of Architect diploma to the students.