Was born the 27-04-1946 in Segorbe (Castellón  Spain)
Study: Plaça d'Àdria, nº4, 2º - 2ª (Barcelona)
Tel. (34) 93-201-82-21 / Fax: (34) 93-201-92-48
E-mail: racoiz@coac.net / rc@ramoncollado.com / Web: www.ramoncollado.com
Architect  (18-11-80), registered in Col.legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya. n. 20.252-5 and in Ordre d'Architectes of l.Ile-of-France. Paris, n. 11333.
His currículum vitae follows the one of the Taller de Arquitectura.
Partner – Building Director of Realización of Ricardo Bofill - Taller de Arquitectura
During 35 years he has participated in the development of all achievement projects maded around the world.
He is responsible for a team of 6 to 15 architects and engineers.
He is responsible of a team of projects managers in charge of the achievement of projects.
REFERENCES: (see attached document)
Housings: Spain, France, Holland, Sweden, Japan, Algeria, Luxembourg, Colombia.
Hotels: Spain, Portugal, France, Bulgaria, Vietnam.
Headquarters: France, Belgium.
Offices:  Spain, France, Holland, Russia, Japan, Portugal, Morocco, USA,
                  Luxembourg, Czech Republic.
Equipments: Spain, France, Italy, Andorra.
Parks and Gardens: Spain, France.
Interiors, furniture: Spain, Portugal, France.
December 1999
Ramon Collado chooses to develop an independent activity, with private and public Promoters , Architects and Engineers, Companies and Industrialists.
That activity can consist of the following missions:
- Projects: complete or partial missions.
- Work Direction.
- Advice.
- Investigation on constructive and materials systems.
January 2001
Creation of the society “Ramon Collado  Arquitecto, S.L.”
Work Experience :
A)  Contracts with Promoters:
1-     New Heaquarters of CARTIER in Paris (director of works and responsible person for the conception of
        the interior Architecture).
2-     Housings WEIDERT (Luxembourg) (Studies of typologies, of details and assistance to the
        leadership of works ).
3-     SHERATON Porto Hotel & Spa (Portugal).Hotel 5 stars, 280 rooms. (Architect associated with arq. Joao Paciência.
        General conception, interior architecture and furnitures).
4-    Project of new boxes for electrical transformers , prefabricated by CETRAVI VINAROS
        S.L., Production 250 units / year, Spain
5-     Preliminary plan of a house for an industrialist of Galicia (Spain).
6-     Preliminary plan of remodeling of a century XVII-XVIII protected building, in Luxembourg.
7-     Project of 20.000.- m2 of offices, shops and accommodations in Andorra.
8-     Hotel Villarica CC, Lisboa (Portugal) Project of a luxury hotel of 243 rooms (Arquitect associated with arq.
        Joao Paciência).
9-    L'ILLA ISOZAKI, (55.000 m2) A cultural thematic park and Hotel of 4 stars in Blanes , “Costa Brava”,
        Spain (collaboration in the ideas project ).
10-   “El Mirador del Delta” Project of town planning and development of 36.50 Has, and development of
        a hotel and residential zone, in Ampolla, Delta of the Ebro (National Park), Spain.
11-   Project of a new Bus Station and parking and offices in Expo-Lisbon.
       (Associated to arq. J. Paciência).
12-   Project of apartaments in the Trinxant Street of Barcelona.
13-   Project of interiors and furniture of a Room in CASA DECOR 2004, Passeig de Gracia,
       Barcelona (Spain).
14-   Several single-family houses in Sabadell.
15-   A tower of 90 m of height, 20.000 m2 offices, “Porta SUL”, Expo Park of Lisbon (Portugal)
       (Architect associated to Ricardo Bofill, Maria Jose de Freitas and Luís Cabello,).
16-   Project of apartments in Gironella (Barcelona).
17-   Project of a high standing house in “Urbanization Mas Nou” Platja d.Aro (Gerona).
B)  Competitions:
1-  Selected architect in 2000, in competition of “Prolhasa - Diputació of
        Barcelona”, for the three next years.
2-  Arrangement of the LESSEPS Square, Barcelona. 12-02-2001.
3-   Hotel of 5 stars, with 300 rooms and offices building in the Expo, Lisbon, (44.000 m2)
        (associated with arq. Joao Paciencia) 03-09-2001.
4-   Winner of the Competition for the “Centro Aveiro” (Portugal), 22.000.-m2 of housing,
        15.000-m2 of commercial center and 670 parking space. (In association with Arq. Joao Patience).
5-   Winner of the competition to make the Stand of “Bodegues Sumarroca”, in Alimentary
        Fair 2004 of Barcelona.
C)  Other projects:
1-  Project and design of urban furniture, in granite-metal and prefabricated
       architectonic concrete, already protected the models of a bank and a source, to
       manufacture by Marbres Marquès, S.L. Barcelona.
2-   Protected Models of furniture: tables (model “Carmen”), chairs (model “Lotty”), bookcases
       (model “Maria” ) armchair and sofas (model “Eli”) and more several models.
3-   Registered patent of a dry system of construction and a fast assembly of the frame,
       with integrated facilities, sensible reduction of the global cost:
4-   Studies of industrialized light facades, curtain wall, dynamic facades of double
       skin, in order to improving termal and acustic insulation (save of energy), and
5-   New furniture colection for ALTAVISTA (Delhom, S.A., Valencia).